Daniel Hertz, MS, BCB, E-RYT 500, is an award-winning teacher and counselor in the Minneapolis Public Schools and is on the faculty of The Meditation Center in Minneapolis, which is associated with the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Tradition. He is Internationally Certified as a Yoga/Meditation instructor and has been giving Yoga and Meditation classes in the United States, India and Panama since 1995.

Daniel is also Internationally Certified as a Biofeedback Practitioner with and has been offering Individual Biofeedback sessions at The Meditation Center since 2007. His Biofeedback protocol specializes in integrating the breathing practices of Yoga and Meditation with the Biofeedback training. For more information on Daniel's Biofeedback practice, see this link on The Meditation Center website: Click Here.

Daniel is the author of two Yoga-Meditation related books. Click for more information.

Please click here to see the MinnPost article about Daniel Hertz.​

Personal Statement from Daniel Hertz:

"Over  the years of my practice I have found Meditation and Biofeedback to be  valuable tools for helping me get through the highs and lows of  everything and everyone we encounter in life.  It has been a great  support, especially in the very challenging times that all of us face at  some point.  Practicing for as little as 5 minutes a day can make a big  difference.  The consistency of practicing every day is more important  than the number of minutes of practice. I am passionate about sharing  these teachings with anyone who wants to begin or refine their  practice."