BIOFEEDBACK can increase self-awareness and support the process of learning self-regulation.

 Biofeedback is well-recognized as a powerful, non-invasive, and relatively simple way to measure subtle changes in the emotional and physiological state. Individual sessions are offered at The Meditation Center in NE Minneapolis.  Sensors can be attached to the skin to monitor respiration, heart rate, skin temperature, muscle tension, and more. 

The Relaxation Model of Biofeedback is a valuable tool to help you:
•    Improve Stress Management
•    Increase Awareness of Subtle Physiological Responses
•    Refine and Enhance Meditation Practice

This model integrates gentle Yoga and Meditation breathing practices with state-of-the-art Biofeedback equipment and training.  The analysis of Heart Rate Variability (HRV), or heart rhythms,  and Resonant Frequency Breathing allow us to find the ideal breathing type and rate which will most quickly balance your autonomic nervous system. 

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 Click here to see a Vimeo video of Daniel talking about Biofeedback 

 Click this link for an article Daniel wrote on Self Regulation and Stress Management for the AHYMSIN online yoga journal. It includes practical, easy to follow stress management strategies. 

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Daniel Hertz, MS, E-RYT 500, BCB, has been offering individual biofeedback sessions at The Meditation Center in Minneapolis since 2007.


Total Cost for a 90 minute session- $100.  

90 minute Introductory Biofeedback Session includes:

1.  A psycho-physiological stress profile- an assessment which allows us to see your unique stress response

2. An introduction to Biofeedback training exercises and recommendations for what to practice at home

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